Monday, June 21, 2010

The MOS Atelier Briefcase.

This design has been the one I've been carrying for the last 8 years.
It's a handsewn, vertically oriented, briefcase with custom made 6061 Aluminum latch and handle and a moulded cellphone pocket that acts as a hip pad. It's high tech, meet's old world craftsmanship.

It's damn durable, elegant, and practical. The vertical orientation makes negotiating crowded spaces like the subway easier and more civilized. I get stopped at least twice a week and asked about mine, so I'm breaking down and making a few small batches.
We'll be headed to the familial skunkworks to do some metal work with the guru Schreiner the elder, when I return to Brooklyn I'll be bearing a series of beautiful lightweight shiny aluminum latches.

I was recently featured in a documentary by Louis Vuitton, and the Amazing Team Crush at the Parsons School of Design: During the filming I was working on a pair of these cases:

Crush from Art of Craftsmanship on Vimeo.

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