Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moulded Leather Briefcase with Aluminum and Walnut Latch: The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic

I really love 1930's design elements. Particularly as they leaned towards "futurism" I fell in love with the hand hammered aluminum coachwork of Ralph Lauren's Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic; the flowing lines and the raised riveted seams:

This case is my nod to this amazing auto.

I started by carving a set of wooden mold forms to press the leather into. The main compartment of this case is consists of two molded half shells, and the flap incorporates the trademark MOS Atelier molded back pocket.

6061 aluminum rotary latch with flamed Black Walnut trim.

Molded back pocket

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  1. I'm just now finding your blog. This is mind-bogglingly incredible design.


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