Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Odds for Ends

I don't want to ever use the words "fanny pack" in association with my work, but a customer (who has an amazing collection of custom, mainly western syle, leather work) came to me with an idea for a custom piece, and, who the hell am I to say no?

I call this one "The Double Expanding Arse Cargo Belt on Steroids"

All hand stitched, it features two molded pouches on a single belt of leather with brass fittings.

The molded pockets have two configurations, stealth mode:

and "what have you got in your pocktets?" mode:

Here's what they look like on the man:

Here is another "not a fanny pack" inspired my my friend Eso's vintage ammunition box. It's meant to be worn on the belt:

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