Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cuffs and Fobs

Green Cuff:

My Friend, the mysterious LinDaLi showed up with a really cool key fob. It was a long strap of leather that could be worn as a belt, or clipped to the belt, as a necklace, used as an alarm, and would be highly unpleasant to be hit with. Naturally I had to riff on the theme. Mine have solid brass hardware fastened with hand hammered copper rivets, and include a solid brass policeman's whistle that emits a nice loud tone.

My popular interlocking bracelet in a much wider scale.
In Tan:

in Black:

A few years ago I was experimenting with distressing a piece of leather that had some interesting natural wrinkles on it, The piece came from the belly of the cow, It sort of took an an Alligator-ish quality, and it found it's way into this pair of cuffs. This one has a pair of hammer distressed bronze buttons:

With Copper Rivet Stud:


Swoopy Tan Bracelt:

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