Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Elegant Purse- Black Walnut Hardware

So this is the first piece finished from the Walnut that I absconded with from my Father's stash of lovely logs. There is something very satisfying about taking the rawest of materials, and seeing a project through. I've got a nice little bunch of bases and latches made, and this is the first of the series.

The Bases are inspired by wooden sushi serving trays, but curved to suit the female form in both shape and proportion. It's a slim purse that sits beautifully on the shoulder. The Vegetable tanned leather is dyed in a dark reddish brown with a rose colored interior, then burnished to a very high shine, and as ever, handsewn.

Front View:

Exceptional grain patterns:

Base in the sunlight: The wood really pops with the French Polish; lots of browns and reds, yellows and purpleish blue in there with some quilting:

A beautiful knot on the latch where a branch had been growing:

Back View:

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