Monday, January 31, 2011

Custom Work

(set of bespoke belts: black, natural, brown)

Perhaps 75% of my projects are custom, or have some elements done especially to suit the client. It can be frustrating when people see your work and say, "oh oh i love this piece--can you make it 6 inches longer and in blue?" I've made some Abominations against design following the whims of customers, but along the way have done some nice things as well, making all kinds of things that would've never occured to me make on my own. And in the process of inspiring some of my favorite pieces.

(carved cocabolo latch, molded learher case)

(6061 aluminum and walnut briefcase latch)

(steampunk neck corset)

(anatomically molded purse with carved ergonomic walnut handle)

(comedia dell arte mask- Harlecchino)

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