Thursday, August 18, 2011

Couture Corset

Requests have been coming in for fully custom corsets. Nothing could be more interesting, exploring all of the curves and radius of the human form.

It's a very complicated process: a ready-to-wear corset is made to averages that just don't really fit anyone perfectly. A bespoke piece begins with careful measurement and pattern making.

the handsewn beveled welts, form the "boning" and give the piece it's structure. Since it fits it's owner's form perfectly, it's softly rigid nature is comforting rather than constricting. I made this piece with a glazed finish; the reds and purples of the lining are actually undercoated in the exterior finish and will begin to show through the jet black burnished exterior finish. I expect this piece to "break in" in an exquisitely luxurious way...

I really love the molded ribcage detail formed by the piece that holds the bronze lacing rings in place. We will be doing more of this kind of work in the future....

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