Friday, July 16, 2010

Logs to Lumber

So we didn't get any metalwork done on this trip, but we did do a lot of woodwork-- carved bases, and latches, for cases and purses.

Dad has some beautiful knotless red cedar that was salvaged from an old building in his cache of wood, and a beautiful black walnut log, both of which i'd dipped into before.

(the log)

(log sawn into a board. mmmmmmm walnuty)

(lumber gets some shape)

(tasty grain patterns)

I cannot wait to sand these things down and get the French polish on them!

Instant Handbag Hardware: mix wood with sweat

Stay Posted for a series of Sushi inspired wood and leather cases and purses. Any IPad users out there?


  1. BTW, Dad made that bandsaw from scratch....

  2. I was going to say that band saw is a beauty. It must be a pleasure to make beautiful things with beautiful tools.

  3. I'm wildly jealous, man! The end result is always determined by the quality of the raw materials, and this looks like you're going to produce some beautiful products. By the way, my brother-in-law with the Adler has some stitching tips, as well as alterations to trick out your machine's functionality. He says, call anytime

  4. Good to see photos of the process! I love the line and beauty of the wooden handles. They look almost like drift wood, as if they were found on a sandbar somewhere rather than crafted. That's the beauty.

  5. i'd be interested in getting leftover, dry, dense wood with a flat surface good for carving illustrations the next time you're there.

  6. I was gonna ask about the bandsaw. . . . then read above. . . . MOST cool!

    Mark your work continues to inspire and amaze. This is simply exceptional stuff.

    Cheers from Rochester,


  7. Absolutely stunning work, Marc ... your hardware and the bags themselves are truly works of art, obviously made with the labor of love ... beautiful original detail ... very talented ... wish you all the best. ;)


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