Friday, July 16, 2010

My Father's Workshop

(High and Low tech combined)

Just back to NYC after a beautiful trip home with the family, and some much needed time working in my father's Workshop, which is the less pretentious word for Atelier.

(metal lathe)

When talking about my craft, the conversation invariably goes back to my father, and his work. Growing up I watched him working in Metal; steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, zink, magnesium, cast iron, welding, casting, machining, brazing, soldering, hammer welding, hammer forging, etc etc, you name it-- metal is his bitch.

He also worked in wood, from carving sculptural pieces, to gun stocks, to straight up carpentry and cabinet making. As of late he's been making replica cannons.

He's in the process of setting up a new foundry for metal casting. He's been building a propane fueled foundry furnace, and it's nearly complete. I'd hoped we could do some casting while i was there, MOS Atelier's proprietary metal latches and buckles are now a painstaking machining process, and with the addition of a foundry they will be much less so... but all in good time. Meanwhile here are a few shots of the furnace in it's nearly completed stages:

(the firebox)

(the torch)

Here's to not burning the house down.


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